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pdficon1Let me begin with a few questions.

  • Have you ever dreaded going to that “networking” event?
  • Do you wish you could be better at striking up conversations with strangers?
  • Are you ready to learn some new techniques that will make your business grow faster?

If you answered yes, you’re going to be glad you’re here…. If not you may be in serious denial.

Our speaker today has written two books, runs one of the largest executive networks in the country and spent 20 years in sales and marketing at Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies.

When she’s not speaking, she’s raising her non-identical boy/girl twins, practicing yoga, watching football or closing business with the person she just met on the airplane.

Helping us network to get more business, please join me in welcoming speaker and wannabe NFL Referee … Molly Wendell.

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Somewhere along the way, Molly figured out the whole networking game and really perfected it.”


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Molly is a very dynamic and entertaining presenter. You will laugh as you learn!