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Molly Wendell is the ultimate networking expert — a modern-day Dale Carnegie.

A leading authority, author, and speaker on networking for the new millennium, Molly Wendell is passionate about the dramatic impact that relationship building has on organizations and the team members who work within them. She is the founder of one of the largest executive networks in the U.S. and spent twenty years working for Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 companies running marketing and strategy.

Molly’s angle in using networking to drive business is unparalleled. She is very intuitive about the connections your company is missing, the opportunities you can’t see, and showing you how to find and leverage them for sales and profit.

She’s written two books: The Networked Organization,” where she reveals a powerful results-oriented approach for helping teams leverage intentional networking to accelerate revenue, and “The New Job Search: Break All The Rules,” – the go-to-guide for executives in the job search.

Molly holds an MBA from University of California-Irvine, and a BS in marketing from San Diego State University. She is married with twins and three stepchildren, and lives in Denver, Colorado.

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