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Molly Wendell didn’t escape a war torn country. She didn’t have a tragic or catastrophic event and doesn’t ever plan to – but then again, who does? She didn’t really even experience some life-changing epiphany – unless you count the time she was working on an archaeological dig in Jerusalem. As she heaved her pickax up over her shoulder and down into the dirt, she contemplated life. “What do I want to do in life? What do I really want to do?” She asked. As her pickax hit the dirt, suddenly, the clouds parted, the sun began to shine through, and there it was. Clarity. “I love networking. I love building relationships and connecting people. I’m going to teach people how to build truly authentic relationships that will impact their businesses.“

And that’s exactly what she’s done. So here’s the true confession: Molly is a total networking snob. Honestly, it’s the little things you do while networking that make the big, lasting impressions – which leads to authentic relationships and opportunity to accelerate revenue growth.

Molly’s angle in using networking to drive business is unparalleled. She is very intuitive about the connections your company is missing, the opportunities you can’t see, and showing you how to find and leverage them for sales and profit.

If you’re looking for someone to drown the house in a river of heartfelt tears, do NOT hire Molly. But if you’re looking for a speaker who is engaging, informative, relevant and will make an impact on your bottom line, Molly will be your greatest asset.

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Somewhere along the way, Molly figured out the whole networking game and really perfected it.”


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