Dec 2011

Introducing yourself at an event… are you seizing the moment?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Networking

Last week, I was in a meeting full of very impressive businesswomen.  At one point during the meeting, every person stood up and took the time to introduce themselves.  I don’t know if people realize what an incredible opportunity this is.  The chance to own the floor, if only for a minute, during someone else’s…

Oct 2011

How do you build relationships if people are scared to talk to you?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in NetworkingPeople I Meet

I often say that it takes a lot of little impressions to make a big impression.  And it’s with this in mind that I think about the idea of approachability. It’s hard to build relationships when people feel like they can’t even talk to you. Have you ever said hello to people, only to have…

Mar 2011

When is a good time to start networking for a job you saw online?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job SearchNetworking

You just saw a posting for a position.  Great!   Are you ready to start networking your way into the job?  Whoops.  Too late.  You know when you should’ve started networking for the job?  Before they ever posted it.  That’s right.  If you really wanted to work for that company, you should’ve been in the game long…

Nov 2010

What does your story say about you?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Networking

I was at a networking event last week.  It was mostly for entrepreneurs and those looking to fund entrepreneurs.  And as I met person after person, I was amazed at what each person’s story said about them. Three people I met happened to be in a job search.  And that was pretty much the second…

May 2010

What’s the difference between and video resume and a train wreck?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Nothing!  That’s what!  Absolutely nothing! I saw a video resume the other day.  It was the best video resume I’ve ever seen.  But for the record, I’m not a huge fan of video resumes (to put it lightly).  For the most part, I think they’re a huge waste of time, energy and euphoria.  Euphoria on…

Mar 2010

What’s the biggest issue of 2010?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job SearchNetworking

It was something like being on The View!  I was on a panel for the Women in Business event last week.  Ilana, Editor of the Business Journal, started the discussion by asking each of the four panelists her biggest issue or concern for 2010. The other women on the panel were rightfully concerned with issues…

Nov 2009

Why your ‘need’ of a job is getting in the way of actually getting a job.

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I was riding my bike this morning when I passed a handwritten sign.  It said “Car Painter Needs Work” and listed a phone number.  My initial thought was “So what?”  Then I thought, well if this guy really needs work, it probably doesn’t behoove him to plaster his sign on a 4-lane divided roadway where…

Jul 2009

How do you become indispensable to your current (or future) employer?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job SearchNetworking

I was talking to Jeff, my PR guy, the other day.  I couldn’t understand why it was so difficult to get on the news in New York (pay no mind that it’s the number one TV market in the country).  Jeff is good at what he does.  In fact, he’s one of the best PR…

Jun 2009

Your Job Search: Why it’s so difficult to see all that you can truly be.

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Andy showed up at our Executives Network meeting today.  It seemed like his job search was headed toward life support and needed it little resuscitation.  He started talking about his background.  Time in the aluminum industry was followed by a few years in printing.  After I heard that, I thought, “Please let him say that…

Apr 2009

How to be the number one pick on NFL Draft Day!

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Today is a really exciting day for me.  Yep, that’s right.  It’s Draft Day for the National Football League.  And to me, that only means one thing.  Football season (my favorite time of the year) is just around the corner!  Few stages exist where landing a job is such a public act.  I can’t think…