Sep 2009

How to dramatically increase your networking opportunities by making one minor change.

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I was riding my bike this morning.  I came up to an intersection to make a left turn.  I pulled into the middle of the intersection, just like someone in a car would.  As the traffic went rushing by on both sides, I started to feel a little exposed.  Okay, maybe more than a little…

Jul 2009

Input and feedback for your job search. Are you really open to it?

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Sometimes I’m hard on people.  That doesn’t always make me popular.  But the thing of it is, I have really high expectations of people, and I fully expect them to deliver according to their capabilities – and beyond. A few years ago, I went to a personal coach.  I went in thinking our conversation would…

Jun 2009

Your Job Search: Why it’s so difficult to see all that you can truly be.

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Andy showed up at our Executives Network meeting today.  It seemed like his job search was headed toward life support and needed it little resuscitation.  He started talking about his background.  Time in the aluminum industry was followed by a few years in printing.  After I heard that, I thought, “Please let him say that…

May 2009

The email you can’t wait to send. The one that says “I landed a GREAT job!!”

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I received an email today from Bob, one of our Executives Network Members.  He just landed a GREAT JOB!  Congratulations Bob!  You deserve it!!  How did he do it?  By changing his approach. For all of you who are getting a little down in your search, I thought his email might provide you with some inspiration (and perhaps…

Mar 2009

Another overused job search phrase: “I’m willing to relocate”

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Maybe you’re one of them.  One of those people who say “I’m in the job search and I’m willing to relocate.”  And maybe you’re one of those same people who continue to network in the city you’re already in.  No offense, but your strategy sucks!  The job you’re looking for in Philadelphia is not here…

Feb 2009

Do you know why you were put in this job search?

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I just got back from drinks with some friends.  One person, Joe, was telling me that he needs to get his knee replaced.  Seeing that he didn’t quite look like a card-carrying member of AARP, I asked him why.  Running up mountains as fast as he can to get his heart rate close to 200. …

Jan 2009

Don’t confuse a networking event with a job search meeting. Act accordingly.

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Too many times, people in the job search go to every function regardless of type and act like it’s a job search meeting.   It goes something like this:   “Hi, I’m Dave Smith.   I’m a CFO but I’m currently in the job search.   My last company laid me off after 15 years.   I’ve been looking for…