May 2012

Are you aware of the impression you leave in a job interview or networking meeting?

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I recently connected Karen, a job seeker, with Kevin, a friend of mine who runs a business. I thought they would probably have a lot to talk about given they were in the same industry. I was hopeful that they might find some commonality, and even more hopeful that Karen might be a fit for…

Mar 2012

Why no hiring managers want to give you feedback when you’re in a job search.

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Job Seekers say they want feedback, but I’m not sure they really do.  Most people don’t give you feedback for one very simple reason.  You take that as an opportunity to showcase your sleek objection handling techniques.  You try to tell them their feedback isn’t relevant or on target.  You try to sell them on…

Dec 2011

Are you guilty of using LinkedIn’s list of overused buzzwords?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Did you see the article this week from LinkedIn where they talked about the most overused buzzwords in members’ profile summaries?  (http://www.forbes.com/sites/meghancasserly/2011/12/13/the-most-over-used-business-buzzwords-of-2011/) Their premise is that if you’re trying to sound unique and using the same words as everyone else, then, you’re not so unique.  They have a point. Do people need to revisit their…

Jul 2011

Why does the hiring process take so long?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Tired of the interview process?  Is it taking longer than you thought it would?  Is Congress faster at making a decision than the company looking to hire you?  Welcome to the world. Yes, sometimes it takes a while.  A long while.  In fact, companies take much longer than you ever anticipated.  And while you submitted…

Mar 2011

When is a good time to start networking for a job you saw online?

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You just saw a posting for a position.  Great!   Are you ready to start networking your way into the job?  Whoops.  Too late.  You know when you should’ve started networking for the job?  Before they ever posted it.  That’s right.  If you really wanted to work for that company, you should’ve been in the game long…

Aug 2010

Lessons Learned in the Job Search

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I was speaking with Mike, one of our Executives Network members, recently about his job search.  He said it was certainly the hardest thing he’d ever done.   And while he felt like he was close to landing, he had a few lessons he learned in the process. WHEN TO PREP FOR THE INTERVIEW Don’t prep…

Jul 2009

Why being an expert won’t always get you the job.

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I went to a conference last week.  At lunch, I was sitting at a half-filled table.  Two of the people happened to be presenting at breakout sessions during the 2pm time slot later that day.  Debbie, an attendee, was trying to figure out which session to attend during that time, and she started questioning the…

Jul 2009

Input and feedback for your job search. Are you really open to it?

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

Sometimes I’m hard on people.  That doesn’t always make me popular.  But the thing of it is, I have really high expectations of people, and I fully expect them to deliver according to their capabilities – and beyond. A few years ago, I went to a personal coach.  I went in thinking our conversation would…