Mar 2011

When is a good time to start networking for a job you saw online?

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You just saw a posting for a position.  Great!   Are you ready to start networking your way into the job?  Whoops.  Too late.  You know when you should’ve started networking for the job?  Before they ever posted it.  That’s right.  If you really wanted to work for that company, you should’ve been in the game long…

Oct 2008

You’re doing it wrong!!

Posted by Molly Wendell // in Job Search

I’ve watched people in the job search for more than six years.  And as the economy gets worse, so does your approach to finding and landing the next great opportunity.  Here’s what “You’re Doing it Wrong” looks like: You focus on your resume.  You rework it until you’ve driven yourself crazy.  Every person you ask…