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The Networked Organization

How many people in your organization should be responsible for revenue generation? Everyone. Yes, everyone should be responsible for revenue generation, and therefore be building and leveraging relationships. Many companies assume that only people on the sales force need to network. The smart company realizes that every employee should be responsible for building and leveraging relationships. This cultural shift is the key to increasing revenue in any company, no matter the size or industry.

In THE NETWORKED ORGANIZATION, Molly Wendell reveals a powerful, results-oriented approach for helping teams not only figure out the who, but the how, of relationship building. It’s a practical, tactical approach that can be implemented by EVERYONE in the organization. Explore:

  • Why networking and increased revenue always go hand in hand
  • How to create a culture of intentional relationship building within a company
  • How everyday activities hold the key to your organization’s success
  • What being interesting has to do with being interested
  • How to leverage today’s technology to enable authentic relationships
  • The 7 hard-and-fast rules of networking effectively, including why networking is about everyone BUT you

For most organizations, the ideas presented here represent a major transformation in organizational culture and thinking. As Wendell illustrates, teams who really want to make a difference and embrace the value and technique of networking see increased collaboration, dramatically higher revenue, and have a lot more fun along the way.

For every day that passes by, your organization is missing out on the opportunity for better collaboration, authentic relationships, and accelerated revenue.

The opportunity to become The Networked Organization.

It’s a bold idea. Are you bold enough to embrace it?


The New Job Search

Break all the rules. Get connected. And get hired faster for the money you’re worth.

Don’t waste days, weeks and months following the job search “rules.” Learn how to take charge and get offers for the work you love at the price you’re worth. Most job search “experts” have never endured the pain of an extended job search. For two years and three days Molly Wendell, a former Vice President of marketing, lived it. It wasn’t until she fired the “job boards” and quit following the rules that she figured out what really works. In 90 days, she secured 60 meetings and received 30 job offers. With a Black Belt in job search and the battle scars to prove it, Molly’s strategies for landing your next great position are the most innovative and important you will encounter today.



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